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300,000 Barrell Terminal

Land Reclaimation / Rehabilitation
  • Green Biomass Recycling
  • Slash Pile Mastication
  • Wildfire Fuels Reduction
  • Roadside Brushing
  • Firebreaks
  • Survey Lines
  • ROW clearance
  • Utility line clearance
  • In-place land clearing
  • Underbrush removal
  • Trail cutting
  • Reforestation
  • Timberharvest Cleanup
  • Fence Lines
  • Storm Damage cleanup


In-Place Mulching / Masticating
Takeuchi TL-150 Highflow Supertrak, with Fecon Bullhog Mulcher

Our heavy duty forestry mulching service is the answer to your land clearing and rehabilitation requirements. In place mulching is an ecologically friendly means of removing unwanted vegetative debris and slash.  No burning, no hand feeding, no hauling needed.


This is the lightest, and most environmentally practical alternative for vegetation control and rehabilitation, leaving the smallest forest footprint possible.  The forestry mulching unit clears and mulches in one step.  It effortlessly converts vegetation into nourishing mulch material that is simultaneously distributed into the cleared area.  The units industrial cutting teeth can handle material up to approx. 6" thick, leaving only cleanly distributed mulch.  Rubber Tracks enhance stability, enabling the machine to access steep slopes and awkward to reach vegetation in dry or wet conditions.  These tracks also reduce the risk of surface damage to soil.  We provide an environmentally friendly efficient means of clearing low story scrub and young re-growth.  This method eliminates the need for burning up piles, trip fees, and other traditional clean up techniques.

Our service is ideal for clearing and preparing the ground at development sites, for creating firebreaks, access tracks, and any other tasks that demand swift removal of scrubby vegetation or selective tree removal.  It can be used for fire affected areas for soil stabilization and contributes to positive regeneration.  We offer the convenience of an efficiently cleared and mulched area that eliminates the need for any clean up.   Messy scrub is conveniently converted to attractive and nourished cleared space.   Our service is carried out under occupational health and safety guidelines by our qualified, experienced staff. 

Contact us to discuss how our specialized clearing and mulching service can assist with your vegetation and rehabilitation control needs.

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    6370 N. Log Rd.
    Calhan, CO. 80808